Alga John Ericsson steam engine


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An excellent example of Swedish engineering, made by the company Alga, in new unused condition. Comes complete with grinding machine, lathe & transmission attachments.

Features include

  • Easy to fill water.
  • The entire engine can be dismantled and reassembled.
  • On top is the steam whistle with lever.
  • The big base plate with Meccano fittings serves as a building area for accessories.
  • Two handlebars allow a safe transportation even when the engine is warm.
  • Drive control lever with two speeds in forward and reverse, including neutral.
  • Extra safety. Suction cups keep the machine steadily in place. It prevents it from "walking" due to vibrations.
  • Heavy flywheel for a smooth operation.
  • For extra safety. Double isolated boiler reduces the risk of getting burn.
  • Additional steam and smoke is led into the chimney.
  • Extra safety. Safety valve totally eliminates the risk of explosion.
  • Extra safety, Fire house has a two-grip mechanism.
  • Can only be ejected if security lever is pushed simultaneously.

It is designed to take a single rectangular Esbit tablet. - not included.

Serial number 01516